Natural Berkshire Pork

    Diamond Livestock is a family operation that is owned and operated by Rodney and Austin Reinick. Our herd consists of 60 show pig sows. We also have 130 Natural Berkshire Meat sows.

      Our farm has been raising show pigs and breeding stock since 1958. Our number one priority is to put together the best genetics to generate show pigs and breeding stock that will excel in the show ring and in meat quality. We love to work with the youth and to provide them with a memorable and informational output about the swine industry. Undoubtedly, the swine industry has the best people, and we look forward to working with new people and becoming friends.

Natural Meat Presentation
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  • Dirt pens
  • 6-10 sows/pens
  • Sows are grouped by size to eliminate boss sows
  • Each pen size 32’X80’
  • Every pen has shelter for protection from elements
  • Every pen has forage materials (hay, straw, corn stalks, etc)
  • Every pen has automatic waters
  • Every sow is fed daily a corn based diet
  • Sows are put in 5 days before due date
  • All sows are farrowed in open stalls
  • Stalls are 6’X16’
  • Sows and piglets are bedded in straw
  • Sows are fed twice Daily w/ a high fat, high energy, feed
  • Barn has automatic waters for sows and piglets
  • We are present for all births
  • Barn is heated and cooled for all elements with heat lamps in every pen for the piglets
  • Piglets are weaned after 42 days of age
  • After 42 days piglets are weaned by removing the sow from the pen
  • Piglets are left in these pens for another 40 days
  • Piglets are on full feed
  • Piglets have foraging materials (hay, straw, corn stalks, etc)
  • Piglets have automatic waters
  • Piglets are monitored very closely because this is the most stressful part of their life


  • After the nursery, pigs are moved outside into dirt pens
  • Pigs are on self-feeders
  • Pigs are fed a 16% protein grower feed
  • Pigs have automatic waters
  • Pigs have foraging materials (hay, straw, corn stalks, etc)
  • Pigs are left in here until 200lbs 


  • After they reach 200lbs we change feed
  • Pigs are fed a 14% protein
  • Lowering the protein puts more fat and marbling in the meat
  • Pigs are fed to 250-280 lbs before processed
  • Pigs are on self-feeders
  • Pigs have automatic waters
  • Pigs have foraging materials (hay, straw, corn stalks, etc) 

  • ABA Certified 100% Pure Berkshire Pork
  • Natural
  • No Antibiotics-Ever
  • No Hormones Added
  • Vegetarian Diet
  • No Animal By-Products
  • Raised On Family Farms
  • Raised “Crate Free” With No Restraint in Gestation or Farrowing Crates
  • Product of Colorado , USA
  • Third party audited (Certified by Global Animal Partnership Level #3)

Diamond Livestock

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Rod: 970 396 1765

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