Champion Hampshire 2016 Little American Royal

Shown by Bailie Fox 




Grand Champion Overall 2015 WCSBA

Shown by Casey Cecil




Champion Chester 2015 Weld County Fair

Shown by Sarah Cecil




Reserve Champion Chester 2015 Weld County Fair

Shown by Jamie Bond




4th Overall & Champion Lt. Cross 2015 Double Barrel Jackpot

Shown by Andrea Maneotis




Second Place Laramie County fair

Shown by The Fogg Family




Res. Champion OPB 2013 WCF

Shown by Dustin Horn




Class Champion 2013 WCF

Shown by Kaleb Johnson


Champion SR AOPB Goshen County Fair & Wyoming State Fair


Shown by Ryan Walson




5th Overall Chester Gilt 2012 OYE




Res. Champion Chester 2012 WCF

Shown by Kyle Horn




Sale Qualifier 2012 CSF

Shown by Shelby Clark




5th Overall Crossbred Male 2011 Fall Classic




Reserve Grand Champion Overall 2011 WCF




Second Place Chester 2011 San Antiono Stock Show and Rodeo

Shown by Tahoka FFA




Second Place Chester 2011 NWSS

Shown by Jaci Corliss




Class Champion 2011 CSF

Shown Makenzie Johnson




Place Chester 2011 CSF

Shown by Kyle Horn



Grand Champion Overall Showmaster Showdown

Second Place Chester 2011 CSF

Shown by Jake Johnson




Champion Chester 2011 WCF




Class Champion York 2011 WCF

Shown by Jaden Olearnick




Grand Champion Chester 2010 NWSS

Shown by Rebecca Peter




Class Champion Cross 2010 CSF

Shown by Jaci Corliss




Champion Chester 2009 NWSS




Class Champion Cross 2009 CSF




Class Champion Cross 2009 CSF




Grand & Reserve Grand Overall 2008  WCF




Grand Champion Barrow 2008 WCF

Shown by Dane Corliss




Reserve Champion Barrow 2008 WCF




Champion Chester Open Gilt 2007 WPX

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